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Total Protein Urine



Expected Turnaround

24 hours

Protein measurements in urine are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease conditions such as renal or heart diseases, or thyroid disorders, which are characterized by proteinuria or albuminuria.

Samples for urinary/CSF protein should be collected before fluorescein is given or at least 24 hours later.


Levodopa, methyldopa and Na2‑cefoxitin cause artificially high total protein results and calcium dobesilate causes artificially low protein results at the therapeutic drug level.


Room temperature: 1 day Refrigerated: 1 week Frozen: 1 month

Total Protein urine; Protein, Total Urine

25 hour urine collection jug. Use 24‑hour urine specimens. Use no preservatives. Refrigerate specimen during collection.

3 ML

0 - 999


30 - 150

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