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Phencyclidine Qualitative



Expected Turnaround

24 hours

Detection of phencyclidine and its metabolites in human urine

Urine: Collect urine samples in clean glass or plastic containers. Fresh urine specimens do not require any special handling or pretreatment, but an effort should be made to keep pipetted samples free of gross debris. Samples should be within the normal physiological pH range of 5‑8. No additives or preservatives are required. It is recommended that urine specimens be stored at 2‑8 °C and tested within 5 days of collection.

Kinetic Interaction of Microparticles in a Solution (KIMS)


Preserved specimens, adultered or diluted specimens

Refrigerated: 5 days

Phencyclidine Qualitative; PCP qualitative

Urine cup or Urine transfer tube, NO preservatives

30 ML, 7 ML minimum

0 - 999



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