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Hepatitis C Antibody



Expected Turnaround

24 hours

Assay results, in conjunction with other laboratory results and clinical information, may be used to aid in the presumptive diagnosis of HCV infection in persons with signs and symptoms of hepatitis and in persons at risk for hepatitis C infection. The test does not determine the state of infection or associated disease.

Serum only

Electrochemiluminescence-immunoassay (ECLIA)

Samples should not be taken from patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses (i.e. > 5 mg/day) until at least 8 hours following the last biotin administration.

Gross hemolysis

Refrigerated: 21 days Frozen: 3 Months

Hepatitis C Antibody

Serum, gel separator, SST

1 ML

0 - 999




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