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Expected Turnaround

24 hours

Chloride is the major extracellular anion and serves to regulate the balance of extracellular fluid distribution. Similarly to the other ions, common causes of decreased chloride include reduced dietary intake, prolonged vomiting and reduced renal reabsorption as well as some forms of acidosis and alkalosis. Increased chloride values are found in dehydration, kidney failure, some forms of acidosis, high dietary or parenteral chloride intake, and salicylate poisoning.

The chloride content of serum or plasma is stable for several days when the sample is separated from erythrocytes and stored in a tightly closed container.

Ion-selective electrode (ISE); enzymatic



Room Temperature: 7 days Refrigerated: 7 days

Chloride; Cl; Cl (Chloride) Serum

Serum, gel separator, SST, 24 hour Urine (no additives)

1 ML

0 - 999



98 mmol/L - 107 mmol/L

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